One of the objectives I set for myself in 2019 was to invest in my equipment and to get the ball rolling I made the transition from Pentax to Canon with the purchase of the new Canon EOS-R. This little full frame camera is a sharp upgrade from my previous Pentax K5.

The K5 provided me with my best work today but being eight years old I was certainly starting to see it coming to the end of its useful life. So why didn’t I stick with Pentax or go with Sony? Read on.

After shooting Pentax for the better part of 15 years I have accumulated a significant kit so the desire to stay with Pentax was obvious. With that said though, the next step in camera for me was always going to be full frame so no matter which direction I took, I was replacing lenses.

With the cost of the Pentax K1 roughly $2500 (aud) for the body only, it made sense that if I was going to switch systems, now was the time to do it and I did, the new EOS-R was just under $4000 (aud) with the 24-105 RF L series lens.

So why the change? There were a couple of large factors that put the Canon on the tipping point for me. The first was the Cameras low light capabilities; specifically with ISO. For years, any time I attempted to shoot in the dark with my Pentax cameras, the results would be a noisy images where the stars were confused by digital noise. Normally I just gave up and wouldnt shoot in the dark.

The other main factor was image quality out of the camera. With the combination of L series lenses and a sensor that frankly kicks butt, the images straight out of the camera are awe inspiring, well to me anyways.

I know the EOS-R copped some bad press and in taking all of that in to consideration, the main complaints are that the camera doesn’t have a great deal of differentiation from the Canon 5D Mark III and the truth is, it doesn’t. For those with the 5D looking to upgrade they were disappointed for the most part but for little old me looking to change from Pentax… Im excited with what this little killer can do.

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