If you happen to follow me on Facebook, you may has seen a post about the 9 for 19 objectives I have set myself. If not, here are the objectives I have set out.

1. Rebrand
2. Redevelop my website
3. Take four overnight (at least) photo trips
4. Invest in my gear
5. Further develop my editing skills (Mark Greys work is my inspiration)
6. Shoot at least one lightning show
7. Sell at least one print
8. Find my preferred printing method and style
9. Blog more (The 9 for 19 should provide some good content)

The reason I put this list together is I found that over the past year or so, I had lost a little bit of direction with my work. Ok building a new house does alter your priorities but I really wanted to review what I was doing and look to improve quality.

I think this all started with a visit to Mark Grey’s gallery in Mornington Victoria. If you are a landscape photographer or a photographer in general and you find yourself on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula do yourself a huge favour and check out his work, you will find it as inspiring as I do and the best past is, unlike other photographers I have met lately, Mark isn’t a twat.

OK enough of Mark but, visiting his gallery and viewing his work has inspired me to look at end to end quality of my photography. This started with the purchase of my new camera. It also led in to further developing my post processing skills. I have also spent some time with my printer to make sure that the end product reflects the focus on quality I want.

There is a number of other steps I have taken but if I post them now, number 9 on my list will quickly be achieved.

So, the 9 for 19 was a bit of a kick in the pants for me to get my butt back out there and start captured more awesome images for you to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled, there is far, far more to come.

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